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Grief & Healing

Recognizing the Importance of Self Care while Grieving

When a loved one dies, there's so much to be done that many people get caught up in planning the service and handling specific tasks. If you are the closest person to the one who has died, much of the care for others may fall to you, so you must be careful not to neglect your own self-care.

  • Pay attention to what you're feeling, and don't be afraid to express your emotions. Everyone grieves differently. You may experience feelings such as anger, denial and depression, while other emotions such as guilt or disbelief may be unexpected. There's no wrong way to grieve. Find a safe space in which to express your emotions, whether it's to a supportive family member or friend, or consider going to a counselor or support group.
  • Take care of your body, making sure you eat healthy foods and get enough sleep. Sometimes it's hard to sleep when you're grieving, and you may not feel much like eating. You might also find yourself so caught up in all that's going on that you forget to have regular meals. Caring for your body is important, though. Try to keep a reasonable sleep schedule, eat healthy meals and make sure you're getting regular exercise.
  • Be patient with your recovery. There's no time limit on grief, so don't let anyone tell you where you "should" be in your process. Your grief may last longer than you expect, but if it seems that you're stuck and can't move forward, it may be time to think about seeing a counselor.
  • Reach out to others, and accept their help. People who are grieving often feel isolated and alone. Make sure not to cut yourself off from others during this time, and when someone offers assistance, take it. Think about ways people can help so that you can be ready when they ask what you'd like them to do.

Part of the healing process is a ceremony that honors the life of your loved one. Whether you're planning ahead or want to honor your loved one, we can help you plan a memorial service that's perfectly suited to the unique life that was lived. We can also send you a planning guide. Call us at (352) 201-3230 for more information.