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About Us

History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Hamlin & Hilbish Funeral Directors in Eustis has been under the same local management since 1974 when Verdual Hamlin & Arthur and Carol Gill Hilbish purchased the former Zeller Kennedy & Hamlin Funeral Home. We strive to provide compassionate, empathetic service and value to the families we are honored to serve.

Our friendly and caring staff members help each family create a service that is unique and truly honors their loved one. We know the importance of small details and assist each family with their needs and their preferences. Be it an elaborate service or a simple event, we take care to see that your loved one is honored according to your wishes.

You can choose from a selection of memorialization options including, Video Tributes, Floral Services, Dove Releases, Military Honors, Special Musicians, among others. Whatever your preference, we will ensure that the arrangements and service are executed to your satisfaction. Above all, we strive to ensure that each service is a memorable event that honors and celebrates the life of the departed soul.

While we conduct services in any religious institution, and/or Cemetery, we invite you to choose our funeral home. The tasteful decor and rich woodwork of our chapel creates an ambiance that is warm and comforting and among the finest in the Lake County area. We also have our own cemetery and offer a number of entombment and cremation options. Our facilities are designed to cater to your specific needs and provide a peaceful and well-maintained final resting place for your loved one.

Our Valued Staff

John Roemmelt

John Roemmelt, General Manager

April Rose

April Rose, Sales Manager

April Rose was born in Massachusetts and has one son, Dylan. She has been in the funeral industry since 2013 and when asked why she is in this business she states “I worry too much. By helping people pre plan, I like to give them one less thing to worry about.” When April is not working her favorite things to do are, Working out, playing with her dog at the dog park, and spending time with her family. When asked what the best advice was that April ever received she said “Act with integrity in all you do.”

Thomas Spartz

Thomas Spartz, Sales Manger

Art  Hilbish

Art Hilbish, Chapel Manager-Eustis Chapel

Matt Pierson

Matt Pierson, Chapel Manager-Tavares Chapel

Carol Hilbish

Carol Hilbish, Office Manager-Eustis Chapel

Dean Netwal

Dean Netwal, Family Service Counselor

Dean Netwal was born in Minneapolis, MN. He has two children, Elizabeth and William and one granddaughter, Rylee. Prior to working in the funeral industry Dean was a college director and former owner of County Eye Clinic Systems for over 20 years. Dean has been working in the funeral industry since 2014 and when asked why he is in the funeral industry and what he likes most about his job he states “I enjoy the opportunity to help people. And what I like most about my job is the look of relief on people’s faces once they’ve taken care of their obligations.” When Dean is not working his favorite things to do are reading, fishing, and hunting. When asked what the best advice was that Dean has ever received he said “Maintain your integrity.”

Russ Critendon

Russ Critendon, Family Service Counselor

Russ Critendon was born in Houston, Texas and has one child, Darby Dowdy. Russ has been in the funeral industry since 1989 and when asked why he is in the funeral industry he states “To help families gain peace of mind, avoid emotional over spending and make decisions together.” What Russ likes most about his job is freedom and helping families pre plan. When he is not working his favorite things to do are, making videos, putting them on YouTube, photography, nature, and his iphone. When asked what the best advice was that Russ ever received she said “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and body and Love others as myself.”

Judith Madl

Judith Madl, Family Service Counselor

Robin Smith

Robin Smith, Family Service Counselor

Vera Martin

Vera Martin, Staff Associate

Harold  Robinson

Harold Robinson, Staff Associate

Sanford C. Colley

Sanford C. Colley, Staff Associate

Jack M Bliffen

Jack M Bliffen, Staff Associate

Cheryle A. Tiefert

Cheryle A. Tiefert, Staff Associate

Virginia S. Ranta

Virginia S. Ranta, Receptionist